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Wioletta Frankiewicz

Wioletta Frankiewicz - Athens 2004 Olimpic Games
Wioletta Frankiewicz – Olimpic Games, Athens 2004

Hello. I`m Wiola. I run..
Those words above describe my life in the best way. My adventure with running started in secondary school in Wąchock (yes in Wąchock) where my PE teacher discovered my talent and taught me that it would be a great pity not to use it. Since than I constantly ran.
I think that I was really lucky throughout my way I`ve met great sport coaches through all the stages of my education from primary school up to university. They all had huge influence on my training, but all the effort I made through those years were transformed into success by Zbigniew Król- thanks to him I experienced the greatest moments in my career: 14 titles as a Champion of Poland between the distances 1500m up to 10000m, brown medal on European Championships in 3000m steeplechase. I took part in the Olipic Games twice in my life – Athens 2004 and Pekin 2008. I won Golden League in Zurich in 1500m run. I set records such as polish record in 3000m steeplechase and 5000m in hall, world record in 2000m steeplechase which has been already beaten but I still achieved European record.
Everything was good until 2012, when I didn`t go to the Olimpic Games in London because of sport injury. That was the first time when I thought about finishing my career.
What should I do next in my life not to finish with sport? I thought and thought (people who know me are aware of the fact that I think fast) and I finally came up with an idea to set athletic academy. In a very short time I became second class coach and the project which was dedicated to children was developing. To my surprise also adults started to knock to the door of academy. This was the beginning of my coaching adventure during it I realised how much I love it.
Meanwhile I managed to give birth to Blanka, to win the Cracovia King half-marathon, undergo hip operation and to give birth to Franek and then I started running again.
Now, I am waiting for you! I will use all of my knowledge and experience to make running the best adventure of your life.

Here are some of my sports results:

20131. Cracovia Półmaraton Królewski, KrakówWin01:12:59 (PB)
2010European Championship, Barcelona – 3000m steeplechase5th place09:34.13
2008Ilympic Games, Pekin – 3000m steeplechase7th place09:21.76
2006European Championship, Goeteborg – 3000m steeplechase3rd place09:31.62
200634. Memorial of J.Żylewicz, Gdańsk – 2000m steeplechaseWin06:03.38 (WR)
2006IAAF SUPER GRAN PRIX, Athens – 3000m steeplechaseWin09:17,15 (NR)
2004Golden League, Zurich – 1500mWin04:03,09 (PB)
2004IAAF SUPER GRAN PRIX, Madrid – 1500mWin04:04.38
2004-201214 times Polish Champion (1500m, 3000m steeplechase, 5000m, 10000m