Online Running Coach

Who is my offer intended for?


My services are offered to all amateurs of running, regardless of the age, gender or level of advancement, both people with long-term experience who would like to take their skill to another level as well as people who are only starting and dreaming of completing their first competition. I can also help people who would like to lose some weight.



What does the trainer/runner cooperation look like?

calendar_pencilFirst, you have to tell me a lot about you. I would like to know how long you’ve been running for, what your current results are, how much time you can spend on training, if there are any health limitations, etc. It would also be a good idea if you completed the basic medical check-up to see if there are no contraindications to starting your physical activity. If you are a more experienced runner and perhaps keep all details of your workouts in one of the popular sports services (Endomondo, Mysports, Polar Flow, Garmin Connect, etc.), then an insight into your previous runs will give me an idea of your stage of advancement. After completing such an interview, we can set a realistic goal that you will prepare for (this could be, for example, your first 5km competition or a marathon). Then, I will prepare a general concept of your training and you will regularly receive a plan for the subsequent 7 day that I will send you once a week.
We will be in regular contact to talk about a completed training, the progress and possible obstacles, the health condition and mood. I will also answer any of your doubts and, depending on the situation, I will react through introducing changes to the plan.


How long is the cooperation?


This mainly depends on you. The cooperation time is agreed upon in each individual case (for example, this may only be a period until your upcoming competition/goal or it can be a cooperation without unspecified duration.



How much is it?

piggy2The price for the service is determined individually and depends on the duration of cooperation and amount of work.




If you are interested, please contact me: