Running camps

Who can join us?

running camps

We encourage all runners , both advanced and beginners, to participate in the camp. Everyone is welcome and we guarantee that the training will be tailored to your skills. During many years of experience in working with amateurs, we met both marathoners whom took far less than 3 hours to complete the race and people who had just “got up off the couch”. That’s why, you do not have to worry if you can handle it!

Who we are?

running camps - training staffGrażyna Syrek
a graduate of the Krakow Academy of Physical Education, a sports coach, Olympian from Athens in 2004, Multiple Polish champion in track and field distances from 5km to the marathon in the years 2002-2006 with a personal best in the marathon of 2:26:22, Route record holder of the oldest Polish marathon Dębno (2:32:09)
Wioletta Frankiewicz
athlete, runner specializing in medium and long distances. Europe record holder in a distance of 2000 m steeplechase, two-time Olympian at the Olympic Games in Athens (2004) and Beijing (2008), bronze medalist of the European Championship in 2006, 14 times Polish Champion, national record holder in distance of 5000 m and 3000 m steeplechase.

What we offer?

sprawność• Workouts in groups suited to the level of runners
• Individual consultations with two professional trainers
• Two running trainings per day (sometimes it is 1 workout)
• Training with lactate measurement in your blood
• Interval trainings, fartlek runs, long run trainings
• Strenght running training (technical items / uphill runs / gym)
• Strenghtening and multi-purpose workout for runners
• Training at the athletics stadium
• Overview of the basic training methods – presentation
• Overview of the running technique rules, running technique exercises, video analysis, individual tips and corrections
• Stretching and relaxing exercises
• We always try to make use of the sauna or other wellness facilities
• Each participant is going to receive a commemorative T-shirt and other gadgets.

Are running camps just training and running?

rozrywka i funOf course not! We always care about the well-being and integration of campers. At our camps we organize many social events with pleasant atmosphere. We watch broadcasts from sports events together, or arrange projections of interesting movies. In addition, we try to show our campers what is the most interesting in the area and organize trips to local (not only sports) events.

Here are the offers of our camps: