A few words about me

Obóz Biegowy - Jakuszyce 218
Obóz Biegowy - Jakuszyce 218

Grażyna Syrek - Nagoya Women’s Marathon 2006
Grażyna Syrek – Nagoya Women’s Marathon 2006

My name is Grażyna Syrek. I am a graduate of the University School of Physical Education in Krakow, Class 2 Trainer in track and field, an Olympian from Athens and a multiple champion of Poland in running at distances starting from 5000m to marathon in 2000-2006 with personal best of 02:26:22 in marathon, but most of all, I’m just a regular human being, just like you.

Running has been the biggest adventure of my life that has started when I was 15 and is present to this day. My first steps as an athlete were taken in my hometown of Kędzierzyn-Koźle and later during my studies at the University School of Physical Education in Krakow. During that period I acquired knowledge in the scope of physiology and motor abilities often verifying theories through my own body. My first time with competitive running started a bit later, in Poznan. This was my first marathon that I had won and became the champion of Poland. It provided me with great joy and mobilisation to continue to work hard. Then, I beat further records and after qualifying, I participated in the Olympics in Athens. This was an unforgettable part of my life as an athlete. After retiring, the passion and experience remained that’s why I have been providing care to amateurs of running and I supervising their continuous growth. What I enjoy the most is helping to make their running dreams come true.

Here are some of my sports results:

2007Muscat International Half Marathon, Oman2nd place01:15:50
2006European Athletics Championships, Göteborg – 10000m20th place00:32:53,33 (PB)
2006Polish Athletics Championships, Bydgoszcz – 5000mWin00:15:52,40 (PB)
2006Rotterdam Marathon7th place02:34:38
2005Paris Half Marathon2nd place01:12:21 (PB)
2004Athens Olympic Marathon41th place02:47:26
2003Chicago Marathon5th place02:26:22 (PB)
2003Dębno Marathon (race rekord)Win02:32:09
2002Dublin Marathon3th place02:35:11
2002Dębno Marathon (debut)Win02:37:39
2002-200610 times Polish Champion (5km, 10km, Half Marathon, Marathon)